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Hear The Sound Of Hollywood

Jan 17, 2016

A great film soundtrack can stand alone as a beautiful piece of music, but when coupled with the movie memories it brings back, the experience of hearing them in concert can be quite a moving experience. On Saturday, February 6, Boerne Performing Arts presents “A Night at the Oscars” with The Hollywood Concert Orchestra, in concert at Boerne Champion Auditorium.

Join Texas Public Radio for a night of great movie music as the ensemble plays melodies from “Superman” to “E.T.,” from James Bond to “Schindler’s List.” 

Note: NPR's First Listen audio comes down after the album is released, but you can hear an excerpt below via YouTube.

San Antonio Symphony

The San Antonio Symphony's Las Americas Festival kicks off Friday night with its Rhapsody in Blue concert. Las Americas celebrates composers from the Americas, as well as compositions created here by composers from elsewhere. 

Chicago composer Olivia Block is happy enough writing for violins, but she really loves sounds that don't often count as music. That can include the urban ambience she hears walking around her hometown — the creaks and grunts of an elevated train, the whirr of machinery — or, in some cases, sounds most of the world was never meant to hear

Matthew Diekman / Camerata San Antonio

Chamber Orchestra Camerata San Antonio is following the pattern set out by the San Antonio Symphony every winter. That pattern was created by the Symphony's Sebastian Lang-Lessing, by choosing one composer every season. Here's Camerata's Ken Freudigman.

"We've done Brahms, we've done Tchaikovsky, we've done Strauss. And this year we are zeroing in on the Americas. All the way from South America all the way up to Canada."