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As the world's largest Baptist university, Baylor is unabashedly Christian. There is a strict code of conduct for all students that forbids, with the threat of expulsion, any sex outside of marriage, alcohol drinking, drug use, pornography and other acts. Students weren't allowed to dance on campus until 1996.

During the last several years, however, Baylor officials were hiding a dark secret: Female students were being sexually assaulted at an alarming rate by members of the school's football team.

From Texas Standard:

Some eyebrow-raising comments made in 2009 by a then-member of the Baylor University Board of Regents made headlines in Texas this weekend.

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Texas lawmakers call for financial sanctions in response to Baylor rape scandal

Feb 27, 2017
Marjorie Kamys Cotera for The Texas Tribune

A group of Democratic state representatives on Monday called for financial sanctions and a criminal investigation into how Baylor University handled widespread allegations of rape against football players and other students in recent years.

From Texas Standard:

The Big 12 Conference announced it will be withholding a quarter of its revenue from Baylor University, pending a third party review of the school's Title IX changes. If the review is verified, the conference will not withhold the money. This is the first announcement of any "punishment" from the Big 12 or the NCAA against the school since members of the football team were accused of sexual assault.