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Glenda Deahl / Magnificat Photography

“A lot of people see ballet as being highbrow,” says Judith Gani, the executive director of Alamo Arts Ballet Theatre. “Of course nothing could be farther from the truth,” Gani says with a smile. “It’s very exciting. It’s lots of fun… I mean, ‘Alice’ is full of things that I’m laughing at, and then I get tears in my eyes at the end! It’s very emotional.”

Jack Morgan

No instruments were in sight, but the San Antonio Symphony trumpeted its major announcement at the Tobin Center this morning with the help of San Antonio Symphony board and Tobin Endowment chairman Bruce Bugg.

"It is a new paradigm for the San Antonio Symphony," he said. "There have been a series of operating deficits over time. They have a fiscal operating deficit this year of $600,000."

Jack Morgan

Early Texas maps,  rousing music and a nature festival are among the entertainment highlights for  South Texas and the Hill Country this weekend.

Keith Estep Photography

A voice you probably already know returns to San Antonio on Friday night. Probably most known for the female accompaniment to the Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger's singing of  Gimme Shelter -- what does that feel like when she hears the haunting beginning chords of the song?

She took a deep breath before she answered. "Oh gosh...every time I hear it I feel like it takes me into kind of a sacred place. It feels like home. To just be with Mick and to give him what he needs for that song is just magical!"

Cinco De Mayo Special Highlights Mexican Music

Apr 27, 2016

Tune in to KPAC 88.3 FM at 6 p.m. on Cinco de Mayo for "¡Viva la música!" exploring the rich musical traditions of Mexico, from the folk influences that inform classical music compositions, to the distinctive sounds and Mexican rhythms in the contemporary music we hear throughout the United States today.

In this hour-long celebration of the music of Mexico, Jacquie Fuller hosts with commentary from Gilberto Vazquez Valle.