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When you think of the sound of Houston, you might think of country and western music. Maybe you've heard of bluesmen like Johnny Copeland and Albert Collins or gospel stars like Yolanda Adams. Or, you know, Beyoncé?

Who Are The Amateurs At The Cliburn Competition?

Jun 23, 2016

color:#333333">All week long, Art&seek has been reporting on The Cliburn Amateur Competition in Fort Worth. 

color:#333333">Late this evening, we’ll find out who will make it to the semifinals. [We'll post the results here when we get them.] The competitors all have day jobs, but they also have a passion for piano. So we went down to the competition chat with a few of the folks vying for the top prize and learned that it takes countless hours of practice to call yourself a Cliburn amateur.

San Antonio Museum of Art

A new art installation at a museum known for its building instead asks you to leave that building and head out of doors.

"We have a fantastic--fun--art installation that's called Mi Casa, Your Casa."

That's San Antonio Museum of Art's Kelso Director, Katie Luber. We stood next to several red, steel sculptures that were in the shape of miniature house frames.

Renowned artist Carlos Cortes will be going to jail after pleading guilty to charges in federal court in San Antonio that he failed to file tax returns for four years.

U.S. magistrate judge John Primomo handed down the maximum sentence for the well-known sculptor, ordering Carlos Cortes to jail for a year and ordering him to pay the government more than $400 thousand dollars he owed in back taxes.

Cynthia Munoz

Kids have been attending summer camps all over South Texas, but we found one that's steeped deep in tradition and passion. Producer Cynthia Munoz says this camp's name explains what it's all about.

"The Summer Mariachi Extravaganza Vocal Camp."

She puts on a high school aged Mariachi Extravaganza every fall, and this singing boot camp is geared to prepare students for that event.

"Nearly 20 cities are represented here with about 50 students that are participating in the summer camp."