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Bob Dylan has won the 2016 Nobel Prize in literature. The prolific musician is the first Nobel winner to have forged a career primarily as a singer-songwriter. What's more, he's also the first American to have won the prize in more than two decades. Not since novelist Toni Morrison won in 1993 has an American claimed the prize. Dylan earned the prize "for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition," according to the citation by the Swedish Academy, the...

Jack Morgan

Chamber group Camerata San Antonio has another mini-tour planned for the weekend. I caught up with cellist Ken Freudigman rehearsing with the three other members of Camerata San Antonio at University Auditorium at Incarnate Word. The program is called From Prussia With Love .

From Texas Standard: In a time before reality TV competitions like American Ninja Warrior, more than 30,000 Texanswould show up on Sundays in October to watch prisoners put on adeath-defying rodeo show that would make professional cowboys think twice. Underlying thespectacle of the Texas Prison Rodeo , which during its 50 years evolved into an entertainment event complete with superstar guests like John Wayne and Johnny Cash, weremany of the civil, political and criminal justice issues that propel our conversations today – explored in depth in the new book, "Convict Cowboys: The Untold Story of the Texas Prison Rodeo."

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars

A tragic African war spawned something no one could have foreseen. Something positive and counter-intuitively uplifting. It all started when civil war raged through Sierra Leone. Freetown resident Ruben Koroma had to flee.

Jaime Kristian

Latino art to Scottish games to Opera in the Park--here are some great ideas on what to do this weekend. First off, downtown at the Centro de Artes building in Market Square--it's a new exhibit called SATX/MX. Those letters suggest a combination of San Antonio, Texas, plus Mexico. And that's exactly what the exhibit does. "The idea was to show the exhibit as our local San Antonio Artists as well as the Latino Artists that have come from Mexico. There's 21 different artists," says the...