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When Doctor Strange was introduced to the Marvel Universe back in 1963, the character opened up a whole new realm of mystical, magical possibilities, and so he did in 2016 as well, shaking up the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a trippy origin story that mostly eschews brawn for brains. And with its time and space-bending narrative, “Doctor Strange” is truly the—uh, well, strangest of the modern Marvel movies.

The annual South By Southwest music festival kicks off March 13, bringing with it more than 2,000 artists performing at dozens of clubs across Austin, Texas. Winnowing all that music down to a digestible list of recommendations is a months-long endeavor, but now NPR Music has launched its annual Austin 100 — a downloadable 100-song playlist highlighting some of the festival's most exciting discoveries.

The Les Amies Trio- a collaboration of artists with a sense of purpose, a sense of class, and a sense of humor, graced the San Antonio Chamber Music Society's 74th season with a performance last Sunday, February 26th, 2017 at Temple Beth-El.

David Martin Davies

The ancient rock art painting known as the White Shaman has fascinated Texans for generations. The mysterious painting was created by the native people of Texas thousands of years ago but now it's digitally coming to the San Antonio Witte Museum as part of their new expansion and the People of the Pecos exhibit.

Jack Morgan

Busloads of elementary school kids stream through the great big square floor-to-ceiling glass entryway to the new Witte Museum.

A young child peered up and said, "look, look, look!"