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San Antonio River Authority

Phase 1 of San Antonio's newest re-imagining of its waterways opens Saturday after three years of construction. 

Norma Martinez / Texas Public Radio

Bill Neeley is an Oklahoma-based author whose latest book is “A Tejano Knight: The Quest of Don Juan Seguín.” He is working on a screenplay about the Tejano war hero of the Texas Revolution.

Just a week after Bill Cosby was convicted of assaulting a woman, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences issued a statement announcing that both he and director Roman Polanski would be expelled for violating the organization's standards of conduct.


Although writer Carol Hoff was born in Tucson in 1900 and spent her first eight years outside of Texas, she was a true Texan. Her great-grandparents came to Texas as pioneers in 1834, settling in what eventually was the town of Yorktown, the important mid-point along the immigration and trade route from the ill-fated port of Indianola to San Antonio.