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San Antonio Symphony

Musicians and management of the San Antonio Symphony took an unusual step recently to correct a budgetary shortfall. The cuts are part of the symphony's strategy for becoming financially stable. 

David Gross is the President of the San Antonio Symphony, and he says the problem isn't a new one. The deficit has been growing since 2008. Fundraising, ticket sales and grants just haven't paid the bills and Gross says he asked everyone involved to help find a solution.

Attic Rep

From stage-bound pirates to a quirky look at soccer moms to a Canyon Lake Symphonic performance--the weekend is here. Friday night drive out for the Boerne Performing Arts season-closing production, Pirates of Penzance. Here's Albert Bergeret.

"This is comedy and satire on the excesses of human nature, the excesses of human institutions."

Was Pirates a pretty big production? 

Wikimedia Commons

“As a horn player, I love [Richard] Strauss,” says David Mairs, who’ll be conducting the Mid-Texas Symphony this weekend in a concert featuring the German master. The concert also includes music by Mozart, and Samuel Barber, whose First Essay For Orchestra is perfectly paired with the closing work, Strauss’s Death And Transfiguration.

“I like the first two essays of Barber. But to me, [they] end musically with a question,” Mairs explains. “Strauss leaves you with an answer.”

Frank Waln is a rapper and member of the Sicangu Lakota. He grew up on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. Waln has rapped about the Keystone XL Pipeline, his battle with depression, and the modern Native American experience.

Waln joins Here & Nows Jeremy Hobson to talk about his new album, Tokiya, which comes out this year, and his efforts to be a role model for young Native Americans.

Cheyenne Johnson

From Bill Shakespeare to Native Plants to Prairie Home Compañero--the weekend is full of interesting things to do.  Here's your preview. First, a production called The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged.

"It's all 37 plays in 97 minutes by only three actors."

Damian Gillen is one of those actors and he's with The Company Theatre.