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From a glance, Josh Glenn seems like your average folk musician. He has the requisite handsome beard and flannel shirt. While getting ready to perform in our B40 studio, he takes out his seasoned guitar and pedal assembly, connects them to an audio recorder, and starts playing various chords that are interrupted by a silence or an occasional bang on the body of his guitar. I am left very confused. Do all of his songs sound like this? They do. At the end of the performance, Josh can tell how puzzled I am and laughs.

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San Antonio International Airport is the unlikely site for one of the city's most intriguing annual rituals. 

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At only two decades old, violinist Simone Porter has been described by the LA Times as being “on the cusp of a major career.” The audience at San Antonio’s Laurel Heights United Methodist Church earlier this year on January 31 witnessed another step on the way as Porter gave a recital for the Tuesday Musical Club featuring Mozart, Janáček, and a mesmerizing version of Arvo Pärt’s “Fratres.”

From theater to art to music, there's plenty going on this weekend. First, the International Fest of Theater concludes this weekend. 

Samuel Lerma

Although it’s been years since MTV regularly scheduled music videos, the art form continues to bring exposure to new artists online through YouTube and Vimeo channels. Now, Santikos Entertainment, San Antonio Sound Garden (SASG), and Alamo City Studios have created the Riffs and Reels Music Video Showcase, which will feature ten filmmakers chosen to produce music videos showcasing a variety of local acts, including AMEA, Black Market Club, Josh Glenn Experiment, Lonely Horse, Love Killed the Hero, My Madness, Sioux and Fox, Tera Ferna, Volcan and Xy!o.