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Still Life Photography by Alexander Devora

There's a busy weekend ahead, from holiday shopping to traditions hundreds of years in the making.

First off, for those of you looking to shop, but not in the big box stores, there's “Hecho a Mano.”

This week’s “Live At Jazz, TX” features Curtis Calderon, a San Antonio native who began his musical career playing in Tejano bands before heading full-on into jazz. After some early recording in the Alamo City in the late 1990s, Calderon spent 15 years as a member of the legendary vocal group The Four Freshmen starting in 2001, which kept him on the road often. He recently stepped away from that traveling gig to plant himself back home full-time.

Linda Perez / Contributed Photo

An annual celebration of the arts on Saturday will certainly attract thousands.

The San Antonio Clay and Art Festival features roughly 45 vendors, working primarily in ceramics, “both utilitarian and sculptural," said Linda Perez of San Antonio Potters Guild.


From Texas Standard.

At the highest levels of pro baseball, pitchers are usually the players with the lowest batting averages. There’s just not enough time to master both pitching and hitting. Finding a player who excels at both is akin to discovering a unicorn.

Al Rendon

An event will be held Wednesday at a San Antonio club known for jazz. But the music performed there that night, decidedly won't be.