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The U.S./Mexico border has been called “a leaking wound” by U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera.  In South Texas, that wound bleeds immigrants, drugs, and violence. 

Author Stephanie Elizondo Griest spent a decade looking at all aspects of the border – religion, drugs, immigration.  Not just in her native South Texas, but at the U.S./Canadian border.  And despite being separated by 2000 miles, Elizondo Griest found that the northern and southern borderlands have more in common than not. 

TPR's Norma Martinez had a chance to talk the author about her latest book, “All the Agents and Saints: Dispatches from the U.S. Borderlands.”

This week on Fronteras:  Focus On DACA

  •  President Trump ends DACA – the Obama era policy that protected immigrant children.  A recipient describes life before and after DACA.
  •   The Texas Attorney General believes the president made the right decision.
  •  DREAMers helped by DACA fear deportation may be in their future.
  •  A UT-El Paso student works to make the border campus a place that changes perspectives about immigrant students.
  •  University of New Mexico students rally against the DACA decision.  
  •  A Harvey survivor feels the DACA decision adds another storm on top of the one her family’s struggling to overcome.  
  •  Harvey storm damage demonstrates need for undocumented construction workers.
  • Some DACA recipients did not know they had protected status until they were teenagers.


Joey Palacios / TPR



This week on Fronteras: 

  •  A judge puts SB4 – Texas’ so called “sanctuary cites” law on hold.
  • A pregnant immigrant mother fights to be released from a detention center in San Diego.
  •  A San Antonio school named after a Confederate general will change its name.
  •  The story of how one family rode out Hurricane Harvey.
  •  Homeowners hurry to file insurance claims due to a new state law that critics say favors insurance companies.
  •  A Fort Worth hospital evacuates newborns from Corpus Christi, keeping them safe from Hurricane Harvey.


Gabriel Cristóver Pérez / KUT


This week on Fronteras:   

  •  With SB4 just days away from becoming law, an Austin non-profit gives lessons in how to respond to police inquiries about immigration status.
  •  A deported DACA student has his day in court.
  • A look at the help available for undocumented students at UTSA.
  •  A new study reveals the high stress levels of Texas children who worry their parents might be deported.
  •  A special ceremony to forgive Mexico’s colonial past brings together Apaches and other first nations from both sides of the border. 

Maricela Oliva

University and college campuses around the country and here in Texas have been welcoming students for the start of the Fall semester.  College entrance requirements vary from school to school.  But what if you are an undocumented young person and want to attend?