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From Texas Standard:

After months of demands from many rank-and-file Democrats to impeach the president, formal articles of impeachment have been filed against President Donald J. Trump. The resolution, field by Rep. Al Green (D-Houston), cites four reasons for impeachment, ranging from incitement of bigotry and racism, to falsely accusing opponents of voter fraud.

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

San Antonio’s historic City Hall could get a massive multi-million dollar renovation.  City officials say the almost 130-year-old building is in need of immense repairs.  The proposal includes new ramps for disabled access at the front of city hall. 

The worst shooting massacre in U.S. history sparks an intense new debate over gun control, including a ban on "bump stocks" that can make rifles function like an automatic weapon.

Álvaro Ibáñez / Wikimedia Commons

If you thought (or hoped) the mention of the controversial "bathroom bill" would never come up again, think again.

In competing to snare the location of Amazon's second headquarters, a mega-big get for whichever city the online retail giant selects, several Texas competitors including Houston, Dallas and Austin have wondered whether their bids might be crimped by Texas' dalliance with a new law limiting bathroom access to a person's birth gender.

From Texas Standard:

In the wake of storms on the Gulf Coast, in Florida, and now in Puerto Rico, many mobile phone users lost the ability to communicate with the outside world, as cell towers and Internet connections went out of commission. These emergency situations are fueling a new round of questions about whether mobile device makers should be required to enable the FM radio chips found in many, but not all, modern cell phones.