Jack Morgan

Arts and Culture Reporter

Jack Morgan has spent 35 years in electronic media doing both television and radio.

In his mid 20s he was known as Robbin Banks at two San Angelo FM stations but the bulk of his career has been spent at PBS stations -- from Austin's KLRU, Orlando's WMFE, Burlington's Vermont Public Television, and San Antonio's KLRN.

At KLRN he spent 5 years as director of production where he was responsible for three hour-long programs with the San Antonio Symphony. Jack was also responsible for KLRN's ARTS program during its startup, and co-produced Texas Week With Rick Casey.


Arts & Culture
5:09 pm
Sat January 31, 2015

Stock Show Struts Its Artistic Side, Students Rope Big Money

Grand Champion Kasey Rives
Jack Morgan

On Thursday night, about 350 western art lovers gathered at the Briscoe Western Art Museum’s Jack Guenther Pavilion to see the twenty-six winning artworks and meet the high school kids who created them. Student Western Art Committee Chair Gus Salazar runs the show.

“I’ve been blown away by the talent that these kids have. The talent is just incredible. I mean, you would think that these were professional artists up there."

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Arts & Culture
1:36 pm
Thu January 29, 2015

'True West' Is Intense, Hilarious, Unpredictable

True West Cast
Siggi Ragnar

The Resident Theater Company of the Tobin Center has mounted a new production. I spoke to its Director.

“I’m David Connelly, Director of Attic Rep’s current production of Sam Shepherd’s True West.”

I asked him to tell us about True West.

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Arts & Culture
4:30 pm
Wed January 28, 2015

The Institute of Texan Cultures Features A Culture You May Not Know

Buffalo Soldier from last year's event
courtesy Institute of Texan Cultures

They’re a part of the American West that doesn’t get a lot of attention, but maybe it’s high time they did.  They were called the Buffalo Soldiers, and the Institute of Texan Cultures wants you to know about them.

“Buffalo Soldiers after the Civil War became very prevalent in West Texas as it led up into the Indian Wars.”

Greg Garret’s an Education Specialist with the Institute.

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Arts & Culture
1:58 pm
Wed January 28, 2015

Pushing The Boundaries of Ceramics: SAMA's "Ancient To Modern"

Yes, these are ceramics
Jack Morgan

The San Antonio Museum of Art thinks the best way to understand contemporary Japanese Ceramics is to wind the clock back about twelve thousand years.  That’s because unlike other cultures, twelve thousand years ago Japanese were actually making pots.

“The earliest known culture in the world that produced ceramics."

Emily Sano curated the exhibit.

"It’s one of the earliest steps that mankind took towards a civilized society.”

The exhibit features ancient pieces, all the way to very edgy, modern pieces.

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Arts & Culture
4:23 pm
Tue January 27, 2015

San Antonio Botanical Garden To Expand

San Antonio Botanical Garden, Family Adventure at bottom

A culturally iconic San Antonio institution is beginning a process that should see major changes. It all starts with a million dollar grant.

“We’re pleased that last week the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission awarded that grant to the city.”

Bob Brackman Executive Directs the San Antonio Botanical Garden and is talking about a recently-awarded grant secured by the city for the Garden.  That grant will partially pay for a new area to be built called the Family Adventure Garden.

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Arts & Culture
2:18 pm
Mon January 26, 2015

Serious Classical Music... Most Of The Time

Canellakis-Brown Duo
Beowulf Sheehan

Musical Bridges Around the World is bringing a classical music duo to the San Fernando Cathedral on Sunday, February 1st.  I caught up with one of the duo, and found that their unexpected ingredient is a dash of humor.

“Hi, this is Nicholas Canellakis.”

About their San Fernando performance I asked “It’s you and Michael Brown, is it not?”

“Correct; It’s our duo, called the Canellakis-Brown Duo.”

Here’s what they’ve planned to play:

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Classical Music
3:27 pm
Fri January 23, 2015

The Language Of Music: She Loves To Pass It On To The Young

Simone Dinnerstein
Lisa-Marie Mazzucco

An eminent pianist is coming to San Antonio. She’s New Yorker Simone Dinnerstein.

“It’s my first trip to San Antonio so I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been in a lot of cold places recently” she laughed.

Dinnerstein found her way to piano at an early age, but it was a circuitous route.

“As a child I took ballet classes and there was a pianist who played Chopin in the class and I really loved the sound of the piano.  Immediately I felt like I had found my language; it felt so natural."

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Arts & Culture
12:52 pm
Fri January 23, 2015

McNay Pop Up: It's Here, Then Gone This Weekend

One of the Artist's Installations
Jack Morgan

The McNay Art Museum is turning 60 years old, and is celebrating in a way contrasting its age--by doing something edgy. I spoke to the McNay’s Rene Paul Barilleaux.

"We decided to create a kind of Pop-Up Installation that would be new art by San Antonio artists. I selected six artists who represent different ways of working, different kinds of subjects, different kinds of materials.”

Those six artists represent very different styles. But if you want to see them, you really ought to hurry.

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Arts & Culture
8:33 pm
Thu January 22, 2015

At The Esperanza: Puerto Rico In Print, Art And Song

Lourdes Perez
Jennifer Davis

A unique project is taking shape this weekend at the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center. The woman at the heart of it is Lourdes Perez, and where she’s from is key to what this event is about.

“Rural, western Puerto Rico.”

It all centers on her mother’s life.

“I took her stories and turned them into songs. Her niece, who is a visual artist, turned those into pen and ink illustrations. They’re also the collective memories of that region of Puerto Rico.”

What they’ve created is a kind of real life music, print and illustrative folklore of their mountain people.

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Arts & Culture
3:23 pm
Thu January 22, 2015

Here's Shade And Food At A Price You Can Afford: Free

Family gets tree last year
courtesy of the Parks and Recreation Department

The city has an annual giveaway that many of you may want to know about. 

What they’re giving away is trees--A lot of ‘em. Here’s City Forrester Ross Hosea.

"We provide up to about 750 fruit and nut trees. We have the public come out and they can take home and plant and grow in their own yards.”

I jokingly asked “I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess you’re not giving away Blue Spruce?”

“No Blue Spruce, but we do have quite a variety, from apple, apricot, fig, a number of citrus—lemon, lime, orange. Pears, persimmons, pecans.

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