Jill Ament

From Texas Standard:

Fifteen years ago today, on a clear blue Texas morning, the Space Shuttle Columbia reentered Earth's atmosphere after a successful 16-day science mission.

But after communications were not regained with Columbia when expected, it became apparent something was terribly wrong. The shuttle had disintegrated over East Texas skies, killing all seven astronauts on board.

Here are the voices of several Texans whose memories of Feb. 1, 2003 remain vivid, and whose lives were forever changed by what happened that day.

From Texas Standard.

All eyes are on Washington as temporary spending measures and DACA hover at the top of our debates and news feeds, but one big task Congress has yet to tackle involves a long-stalled $81 billion disaster relief package that would benefit Texans rebuilding from Harvey, as well as aid victims of hurricanes Maria and Irma. Texas farmers demanding a cotton provision are one group that’s been delaying the bill.

Kevin Diaz, Washington correspondent for Hearst Papers in Texas including the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio-Express News, says the relief package has been in the works since November.

From Texas Standard:

Several Democratic mayors, in Washington D.C. for the annual Conference of Mayors, chose to boycott a meeting with President Donald Trump, who invited the mayors to visit the White House Wednesday. They objected to letters sent to 23 cities by the Department of Justice, threatening funding cuts if communities acted as so-called "sanctuary cities."

From Texas Standard.

Scientists, researchers, and volunteers along the Gulf Coast have been working at a fever pitch to save hundreds of sea turtles that have washed up on Texas coastal shores – alive but stunned by the cold. It’s not an unusual phenomenon, but researchers say this year has seen a record-breaking number of turtles.

Dr. Donna Shaver, the Chief of the Sea Turtle Science and Recovery Division at Padre Island National Seashore, says they’ve found 2,980 turtles so far.

From Texas Standard.

As the nation waits for lawmakers to decide what to do, if anything, about DACA, a federal judge in California has decided not to wait for Congress.

Last week the judge, based in San Francisco, used a local case to issue a nationwide injunction – an order to keep the Trump administration from pulling the plug on DACA. The Department of Justice has asked the Supreme Court to intervene.