Norma Martinez

News Anchor

Norma Martinez is a native of El Paso and a veteran of public broadcasting. She began volunteering at the El Paso public radio station KTEP as a college student in 1989. She spent a year as a Morning Edition host and reporter at KRWG-FM in Las Cruces, New Mexico, before returning to KTEP as a full-time employee in 1995. At KTEP, Norma served as Morning Edition host, chief announcer, Traffic Director, PSA Director, and host and producer of various local shows.

Norma also voiced numerous commercials and worked part-time as a DJ at country, adult contemporary, and classic rock stations in El Paso.

Norma is a 1993 graduate of the University of Texas at El Paso, earning a BA in Music Performance. She spent 23 years as a cellist with the El Paso Symphony Orchestra.

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If you've ever gone to a high school football game, a mega sports arena, or a movie theater, you've probably had some of those those salty, crispy, cheesy, spicy little paper dishes of nachos.

The "King of Nachos" died on Sunday in San Antonio. Frank Liberto, credited for creating the concession nacho, was 84.




Gabriel Wer

This week on Fronteras: 

  • Corruption in Guatemala threatens to derail U.S. efforts to discourage migration – efforts that citizens support.  [0:00]
  • San Antonio prepares arguments against SB4 for appeals court.  [5:09]
  • The story of a Houston Dreamer finding it hard to dream while coping with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the end of DACA.  [6:30]
  • Why the work of an American artist is on display at a museum in Tijuana for the first time in 15 years. [11:25]
  • A look into the life of conjunto accordion queen Eva Ybarra.  [15:35]

Tom Pich

In the late 1940s, a proud father put a small accordion into the hands of his determined 4-year-old daughter. Little Eva Ybarra doggedly persevered against the naysayers, who told her a female accordionist would never make it — and she rose to conjunto royalty. Now, she’s considered the “queen of the accordion.”

Jean Guerrero

This week on Fronteras:  

  • Text messages lead to charges for sex tourism with minors across the border.
  • Undocumented parents are having “the talk” with their children about possible deportation.
  •  30-foot high wall prototypes go up on San Diego-Mexico border
  • In New Mexico, generating new business on the Navajo Nation.
  • A longstanding Mexican tradition: Dia De Los Muertas – celebrating the dead – through art.



This week on Fronteras: 


  • Respecting and teaching the role of Tejanos in Texas history.
  •  The Texas Attorney General claims the state’s changes to the Voter ID law should end the court battle but critics don’t agree.
  •  Food for thought:  Dining with DACA recipients to gain insight that could help shape new legislation to protect them.
  •  San Diego initiates a program to welcome immigrants to its city.
  •  Why was it imperative to honor a Tejano music icon with a Google doodle?