Paul Flahive

Producer - "The Source"

Paul Flahive is the producer for Texas Public Radio's award winning live, call-in program, "The Source." He has worked in public radio on and off since he before graduating from the University of Iowa with a degree in journalism and political science. While there he worked for the local public radio station, WSUI/KSUI, as a production assistant on their show "Talk of Iowa" as well as a reporter and host for weekend programs. 

Paul's love of the audio feature led him east to work for the Third Coast International Audio Festival as an assistant, which was part of Chicago Public Radio at the time. From there he moved to Alaska to run a journalism-based, after-school program for teenagers called the Alaska Teen Media Institute. Taking a break from full-time journalism, he ran an outreach program for homeless youth and victims of human trafficking for Covenant House Alaska.

A quick tour as show runner for the live show Arctic Entries led him back to radio.

As producer of "The Source," Paul was honored with two 2015 Lone Star Awards from the Houston Press Club, one for Best Talk Program and the other for Best Public Affairs Segment.

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According to a study released Monday, San Antonio leads the nation in credit card debt. While the city's residents and others across the country purchase less on their credit cards, it is still catching many in a vicious cycle. 

Why is San Antonio running up such a bill? What resources exist in the community to help?


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Training through the heat of a south Texas summer can be daunting for the novice and skilled runner alike.  This week has been the hottest so far this year, what are you doing to try and stay active? What safety precautions do you need to take?


  • Sally Seeker, longtime runner in San Antonio
  • Dr. William Cooke, chair and professor of Kinesiology, Health and Nutrition at the University of Texas San Antonio.
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The United States' broken immigration system and how to deal with it continues to make headlines. The tragic death earlier this month of a san francisco woman at the hands of a man in the country who had with a criminal past who had been in police custody but not held for the Department of Homeland Security for deportation.

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New policies and new data are coming to the immigration debate ahead of the 2016 presidential election. What big change is the number of people and the type of person coming from Mexico. According to Rogelio Saenz at the University of Texas San Antonio the number has dropped by 67 percent within 10 years.  And the type of Mexican National coming is different as well, with the more educated coming to the U.S.

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Last year, Houston passed a sweeping reform to its nondiscrimination order expanding it to several different groups of people including military personnel, people with differing marital status, and the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender community.

The expansion was hotly contested in that city and made national headlines. Unlike San Antonio's NDO, which covers city government and those doing business with the city, Houston provided a penalty for any business with more than 15 workers for employment discrimination.