Ryan Poppe

News Reporter - Capitol

Ryan started his radio career in 2002 working for Austin’s News Radio KLBJ-AM as a show producer for the station's organic gardening shows. This slowly evolved into a role as the morning show producer and later as the group’s executive producer.

Eventually converting into an on-air reporter, Ryan has covered topics ranging from crime to the political process at the state capitol.

Ryan and his wife Mary own a home in Leander. He enjoys spending time at many of areas parks and outdoor spots with his son Luke and listening to live music at some of Austin jazz and reggae hotspots.  

Ryan is the cook in the family and it is understood that the kitchen is his territory. His favorite menu items range from Jamaican to North African fare to modern Thai-cuisine.

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In 2015, Texas lawmakers passed a bill that would allow patients suffering from epilepsy to take  a type of marijuana oil high in CBD-oil but low in the psychoactive chemical THC to treat their chronic illness. 

Ryan Poppe

Groups outraged by the state awarding the Heidi Group a $1.6 million contract to provide women’s healthcare have called for an investigation of the procurement of that state money.  Houston Democratic State Rep. Jessica Farrar says the group that was founded by anti-abortion activist Carol Everett does not possess a medical license in order operate.

The Texas Tribune

Local health officials meeting in Austin Wednesday want state lawmakers to attract more federal dollars to combat mosquito-borne illnesses like Zika.

Eddie Olivarez is the chief administrative officer for the Hidalgo County Health and Human Services Department. He says the Rio Grande Valley is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and more education about avoiding mosquito bites is needed.

Ryan Poppe / Texas Public Radio

During a stop in Austin yesterday (Tuesday) Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, accused Donald Trump of promoting violence with  some of his most recent comments. Texas Public Radio’s Ryan Poppe reports.



Sen. Kaine was responding to questions about Trump’s statement that gun rights advocates could act if Clinton wins and nominates anti-gun Supreme Court justices.


Kaine said, Nobody who is seeking the presidency  “should do anything to countenance violence”


Trump says that’s not what he was trying to do.

Ryan Poppe / Texas Public Radio

Members of a state task force on infectious disease say more funding is needed to monitor and test the mosquito population for the Zika virus.  The task force got a look Monday at what it would take to respond to Zika.


In a tent pitched in the parking lot of the Texas Department of State Health Services, emergency responders demonstrated a biohazard suit that could be used as protection during a Zika outbreak.