Steve Short

Afternoon Host/News Anchor

Steve joined the Texas Public Radio news team in 2009, and serves as TPR's Assistant News Director and afternoon anchor. You can hear him Monday-Friday from 3-7pm on KSTX 89.1 FM. Steve is a veteran of radio news in South Texas, having worked for commercial stations in the San Antonio area since the late 1980s.

Prior to joining TPR, Steve was the San Antonio News bureau Chief for Metro Networks, a division of Westwood One. He wrote stories for the wire service and anchored newscasts on numerous radio stations in the area.

In his spare time Steve enjoys camping, canoeing and barbecuing with friends.

Ways to Connect

Stephanie Schulz / Texas State University

The Texas State University dance troupe will be performing in the presidential inaugural parade in Washington DC later this month.

The Strutters found out just before Christmas that they were selected to participate in the inauguration of Donald Trump. That drew criticism from some people on social media.  But this is more about the office and not the candidate, according to Texas State officials.

Razia Iqbal / BBC

With the New Year, Texas Public Radio will be bringing listeners a new lineup of programs. Among them, the BBC Newshour which will air every weekday at  9  a.m. beginning January 2.

“You can expect to hear a program that attempts to, within the confines of one hour on radio,  present the world to itself,” said Razia Iqbal, host of the Newshour.

San Antonio Fire Department

San Antonio Fire Department officials closed off part of Quintana Road, in the 8400 block in southwest San Antonio, as they worked to recover the body of a woman after two cars disappeared into a large sinkhole Sunday night.

Dixie Flag & Banner Company

A San Antonio company will have a presence at the 58th Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump next month.


The five flags that will hang on the outside of the Capitol behind the dais are being hand-sewn by San Antonio-based Dixie Flag & Banner Company.


The two outside flags will consist of the 13 stars in a circle and the center flag will be the current 50-star flag.  The two flags that hang on either side of the 50 star flag are the design for when New York became part of the union -- New York being the new President’s home state.


Wednesday is an important property tax deadline for some homeowners in Bexar County.  Nov. 30 is the final payment deadline to qualify for the half-payment option.