Cowboy Hat Is Back For Bexar Sheriff's Deputies

Jan 29, 2013

Bexar County Commissioners proclaimed Feb. 7 through Feb. 24 "Official Rodeo Season" and Feb. 7 as "Official Dress Western San Antonio Day."

To herald the official rodeo season and the cooler weather, Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau has issued an order proclaiming cowboy hats as officially approved headgear for sheriff’s deputies.

"Because it's tradition for Texas sheriffs. When I went to newly-elected sheriffs' school, I was probably one of the only ones who didn't have a cowboy hat on," Pamerleau said.

Pamerleau added that it was a tradition in Bexar County until the 1990s, when a previous sheriff banned the cowboy hats.

The cowboy hat will be optional, and felt is the preferred design for the cooler months, with straw hats for the summer.