Davis Campaign Heads To D.C. For National Fund Raising Event

Oct 17, 2013

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis is headed to Washington, D.C., next week to raise some national campaign cash.

The event is being hosted by two groups that helped launch Davis, Battleground Texas and The Lone Star Project.

"It’s a gathering of Texans who are in D.C.," said The Lone Star Project’s Matt Angle. "A lot of them work in and around the capitol but their hearts and many cases their votes are still in Texas."

The event is also not limited to just Texans or their money.

"Wendy has created interest all over the State of Texas, so not only will her political support but also her financial support will come primarily from the State of Texas,"Angle said.

The event is already being criticized by the campaign of Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott, who are saying that Davis' interest lie with Washington liberals and not the people of Texas.

"Greg Abbott raises a lot of money from outside the State of Texas," Angle said, "in fact he’s flying around in an airplane that provided for by the Koch Brothers, who definitely are not from Texas. And so any insinuation that Wendy has more out-of-state support than Greg Abbott is just false."

Angle said any election campaign for a statewide office in Texas will raise some money from outside at the national level, which includes the Abbott campaign.