On Fronteras: Dolores Huerta Still Fighting at 86; Oil Companies Surviving In The Permian Basin

Apr 22, 2016

This week on Fronteras: 

·       As oil prices crash companies fight for survival in the fossil fuel rich Permian basin of West Texas and New Mexico.

·         A look back at Texas’ decades-long pursuit of doing business with Cuba.

·         Dolores Huerta helped start the United Farm Workers with Cesar Chavez. Now she’s working to increase voter registration and says Texas has a history to overcome

·         How some Albuquerque students are learning about health insurance by producing podcasts.

Oil Companies Fight For Survival In Permian Basin

The massive fall in the price of crude oil cost hundreds of thousands of oil industry employees their jobs worldwide.  Many smaller companies are in a footrace against bankruptcy.  But in the Southwest, there’s a sign of an upturn.   Despite the steep drop in prices, oil production is actually rising in places like the Permian Basin of west Texas and New Mexico, the nation's highest-producing oilfield.  Lorne Matalon of Marfa Public Radio has the details.

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Texas Spends Decades Pursuing Business With Cuba

The restoration of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba, has fueled hopes for re-establishing trade between the two countries. Cuba’s ambassador to the

U.S. recently met with interested Texas business owners. That follows Texas’ Department of Agriculture trade mission to the island in February. KUT’s Vanessa Rancaño explains, the state has been chasing Cuba for a long time.

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Labor Organizer Dolores Huerta Still Fighting At 86

At a recent San Antonio event for Planned Parenthood, long-time labor organizer Dolores Huerta reminded the audience of her years as an activist as she led a protester’s chant.  Huerta, who is now 86, is best known for working with Cesar Chavez to organize migrant farmworkers.  She talked with Texas Public Radio’s Shelley Kofler about her work today. 

Albuquerque Students Produce Health Insurance Podcasts

Turning now to New Mexico, where some students took on the challenge of producing podcasts on a subject they knew very little about - health insurance. The students’ goal? To help people navigate New Mexico’s Medicaid insurance system.  As KUNM’s Anna Lande reports, the Albuquerque charter school students gained valuable knowledge in the process.

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