Fronteras Extra: 'A Tejano Knight' — Tale Of Juan Seguin

May 4, 2018

Bill Neeley
Credit Norma Martinez / Texas Public Radio

Bill Neeley is an Oklahoma-based author whose latest book is “A Tejano Knight: The Quest of Don Juan Seguín.” He is working on a screenplay about the Tejano war hero of the Texas Revolution.

Neeley said the dialogue he used in the screenplay is very similar to the words attributed to the historical figures portrayed in the book, and points to parts of the screenplay that influenced the title of the book. A teenage Juan Seguín and his friend Brown Austin — Stephen F. Austin’s younger brother — are working at a post office when a group of Comanches begin to ride into San Antonio.

“As soon as possible, they rush to (Juan’s father) Erasmo’s house,” Neeley said. “They have stolen goods from Erasmo’s store. They are killing people and ... capturing women.

“Juan says to Brown, ‘You know, we’re like knights in Spain of old. My ancestors came over from Spain, from the Canary Islands. We’re like knights fighting for our freedom and for our way of life.’ ”

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