FRONTERAS: SB4 Enforced; Mexico Oil Field Thefts; Tejano Icon Sunny Ozuna

Sep 29, 2017


This week on Fronteras: 


  •  The latest ruling on SB4 is raising concerns over the safety of immigrants who get detained by Texas law officers.
  • In Mexico, both politicians and thieves are being blamed for a billion dollars in oil thefts that’s hampering U.S. investments.
  •  An exploration of the mix that is Tejano music with Texas legend Sunny Ozuna.


Demonstrators protest against Senate Bill 4 outside the Capitol in April.
Credit Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon / KUT


Texas Police Can Now Detain Immigrants Under SB4

The latest ruling on SB4, Texas’ so called sanctuary cities law, puts what critics call the “show me your papers” part of SB4 into effect. One city immediately began to change its policy after this week’s appellate court ruling. Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez now says every person booked into the local jail suspected of being in the country illegally will be detained until federal immigration agents can pick them up.  KUT Austin’s Audrey McGlinchy has more on the enforcement of SB4.

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Another result of the ruling on the state’s controversial immigration law - Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is now accepting official complaints from Texans who believe their local officials are enforcing policies that protect undocumented immigrants.   Paxton’s decision to accept sworn complaints against so-called “sanctuary” jurisdictions came one day after the judges’ decision.


Refinery workers in Veracruz finish their shift. Mexican gov’t statistics indicate mounting theft from pipelines that ferry refined gasoline from here to Mexico City
Credit Lorne Matalon


Oil And Gas Thefts In Mexico On The Rise

There is some good news from Mexico. The earthquakes there have not damaged the nation's pipeline system, a system in which U.S. companies already are investing. For the past three years, the Mexican oil and gas market has been open to foreign companies…the first time that’s happened since 1938. While major American energy companies are operating in Mexico, smaller businesses are hedging their bets while the country grapples with what the government says is mounting theft of oil and gasoline from its pipelines.  Marfa Public Radio’s Lorne Matalon reports from the southern state of Veracruz on how politicians and thieves allegedly are profiting from the thefts.

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Sunny Ozuna at the TPR studios
Credit Norma Martinez


San Antonio Tejano Music Legend Sunny Ozuna

Sunny Ozuna is an icon of Tejano music. Not only has he been making music since his high school days in the 1950s, but he’s an artist whose discography goes on for days. The 74-year- old San Antonio native has a new album that is a retrospective of his oldies R&B hits of the 60s and early 70s.  It’s called Mr. Brown Eyed Soul. I recently had

a chance to talk with El Cancionero about the new album and a reflection on his life and career.  Sunny Ozuna’s latest CD is “Mr. Brown Eyed Soul” on Big Crown Records.

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