Masterclass Clowns (Video): Igudesman And Joo Stop In San Antonio

Jan 17, 2013

They have had over 14 million views on YouTube, John Malkovitch has appeared on stage and film with them, and Maestro Bernard Haitink loves them. Igudesman and Joo have been performing since they met in music school.

"We call ourselves more eclectic: many different styles that don't seem to fit together. Somehow fabulously do fit together, and at the same time, combined with theater and comedy, it's a special combination."

That combination comes together in a new tour of the United States that starts in Texas!

"We're big fans of ribs, and big fans of hats worn by fact, we have some portion of our act where we wear cowboy hats, so we can blend in!" (laughter)

They encourage all walks of life to attend their shows, claiming it is appropriate for ages 8 to 88.

A Little Nightmare Music takes place Friday, January 18th at 7:30pm.