Moscow Ballet Presents 'The Nutcracker' For A Local Cause

Dec 27, 2013

If you’ve been meaning to, but haven't quite got around to seeing "The Nutcracker" this year, you’ve got one more chance at the Majestic Theatre. The Moscow Ballet returns to San Antonio to perform the ballet on Monday night.

"It’s more than my job, it’s my life," said the ballet’s Natalie Miroshnyk, who is also the audition director that chose the San Antonio children who perform parts with the Moscow Ballet in the production.

"Local kids, local children performed this art onstage, and I think it’s a beautiful opportunity to be onstage with professional dancers," she said.

As to how those San Antonio children have performed in the production, Natalie puts it this way:

"They have to be very focused, and they did great," she said.

But there’s a different aspect to Monday night’s performance and it’s shining a light on a local problem.

"Embassy of Hope is a faith-based nonprofit organization here in San Antonio Texas," said Embassy of Hope’s Elizabeth Crooks. "We work directly with victims of human trafficking, children and adults who are victims and survivors of this crime."

Embassy partnered with the Majestic to gain attention for their organization through "The Nutcracker" performance. As Crooks explained, it was a neat opportunity for them because of what they didn’t want to do.

"The typical fundraiser goes like this: Let’s have a gala, let’s parade our survivors across the stage for testimonies. I can’t do that because it’s exploiting them all over again," Crooks said.

They’ve partnered with the Majestic, the Moscow Ballet and the Palm Restaurant there on Houston Street. For details, see the link below.