New Sounds From UIW Composer: Darian Thomas Mixes Old And New With Four World Premieres!

Nov 15, 2012

Friday night sees four new works by Darian Thomas at the Radius Center in San Antonio. 

It will include "Rant" - for solo viola with Jill Van Gee; "St. Anthony's Trio" - For string trio with Thomas, Darryl Tolliver, and Luke Bonecutter; "Juli-o" - For solo cello and rapper, featuring Luke Bonecutter and Derwin Mello Pokell Bios; and "The British Quartet." 

"I wrote the string quartet after my tour in England with the Youth Orchestras of San Antonio. It is in four movements, Field of Poppies, Patchwork Fields, Stained Glass, and Memories."

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