New Year Takes Symphony Of The Hills To Broadway And Hollywood

Jan 10, 2013

Great popular music of America, from Broadway to Hollywood, is featured Saturday night in Kerrville.

Typically, the Symphony of the Hills plays Thursday evenings. Nine times out of ten, they are also playing standard repertory, from baroque to modern masterpieces, but for their first concert of 2013, Symphony Director Jay Dunahoo had a new idea.

"Let's just try some different kinds of music, do it early in the year, and hopefully attract some people who might not normally come to a Symphony of the Hills concert."

So on Saturday night, the orchestra will play film music and great tunes from Broadway. They will feature pianist Don Crandall playing George Gershwin, and have a special set of Buddy Holly's music with Chris Huber, who played the role of Holly on stage at Ingram's Point Theatre in 2011.