The Outfit, TX: 'Where Is That Working Man's Music?'

Mar 29, 2014
Originally published on July 8, 2014 10:51 am

The Outfit, TX are a trio from Dallas who came together at the University of Houston. Dorian and Mel have been partners since middle school, and they met JayHawk in a freshmen dorm. The three of them sat down with Microphone Check hosts Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Frannie Kelley in the Austin sunshine, cracked a few Lone Stars and opined on Texas funk, Texas weather, church and their business plan. They also spoke about the career stage they're at right now:

"You sit down and you're like, 'Man. Are they gonna understand? Are we doing this for naught? Putting all this love into this music.' We going and working these server jobs. This lady talking about her iced tea," says Mel. "I got my last chorus in my mind. I ain't even remember she wanted an iced tea. 'I really don't care about your iced tea. But I'mma go get you this iced tea, lady."

They say it's not easy, but they're making music for the working man — that music you can live to.


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