Paul Jacobs Returns For Organ Masterworks At The Tuesday Music Club

Nov 8, 2012

Paul Jacobs is one of the leading organists of his time, and is passing along that knowledge and skill to the next generation at the Juilliard School. Known for his stunning new music performances, Jacobs is equally mesmerizing in the "standards."

San Antonio audiences can hear Paul play Bach, Mozart, and "a pair of ladies, from France - Nadia Boulanger, known for her teaching generations of composers, in a work for organ." Jacobs also says he is looking forward to spending time in San Antonio.

"My life would be easier if I were a pianist, violinist, or a singer. We organists have to travel in advance of the performance, and prepare the organ or register it. Even music we have played a hundred times before, we have to tailor it specifically to the instrument at hand."

Hear Jacobs in recital Tuesday night at 7:30pm in Lauren Heights United Methodist Church.