The Source: Historic Neighborhood Status Prompts Questions

Aug 6, 2014

A group of people opposing the historic designation for the Mahncke Park neighborhood rallied in late July.
Credit Eileen Pace / TPR News

The dust up in Mahncke Park over a historic neighborhood designation divided the community, with some wanting to avoid the added restriction on construction but others striving to protect their neighborhood from rapid development.

Lots of buzz and media attention were on the neighbors, but now those petitioning the city have seen support drop to a level that makes the current proposal untenable, according to the Office of Historic Preservation.

The neighborhood was the first to try to attain the status since the process was reformed. 

What changed and why? We explore the process and get through some of the misinformation out there.


  • Shanon Shea Miller, director of the Office for Historic Preservation at the city of San Antonio

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