The Source: Murdoch's World | Beatles vs Stones

Nov 28, 2013

In the first segment:

The most powerful man in the media is News Corp Owner, Rupert Murdoch.  His rise to power buying up media properties from Australia to the UK and his entrance into the US markets on the streets of San Antonio are all documented in the new book "Murdoch's World." 

Author and NPR media journalist, David Folkenflik, speaks with longtime employees, former directors, and competitors to get the inside scoop on this most media shy and savvy of owners. 

In the second segment:

From "Rubber Soul" to "Sticky Fingers," the music of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones defined a generation in at times opposite ways.  John McMillian joins us to talk about how the two competed with and culled from each other in his new book "Beatles Vs. Stones."