The Source: New National Database Will Document Arrest-Related Deaths

Aug 10, 2016


After so many high profile shootings by police in recent years - the department of justice is moving forward with a plan to collect data on all arrest-related deaths.

While the FBI keeps track of some deaths linked to law enforcement related shootings - police department are required to report their numbers.

This has been a sore point for police reform advocates - who say comprehensive data for arrest deaths is critical to bring transparency to this high profile and volatile issue.

 Do you welcome this development - or do you see this as a federal government intervention into a local law enforcement issue?


  • Amanda Woog, director of the Texas Justice Initiative - a database of civilian deaths in custody here in Texas - at the University of Texas Austin
  • Norm Stamper, 28-year veteran police officer and former Seattle Police Chief, author of the book "To Protect and Serve"