The Source: Politics Is A Joke

Jul 15, 2014

Credit Flickr user Cliff / cc

In a 2007 Pew Poll, Jon Stewart was ranked as one of the most admired journalists in the country. The problem being that "The Daily Show" host is actually a comedian, and his news-skewering show is not, in-fact, news.

Stewart's role in society, and its rise, reflect the rise of political-based humor and its impact on the nation's conversation. 

A new book looks at the impact that this humor has had on the country: "Politics Is A Joke! How TV Comedians Are Remaking Political Life." 


  • Robert Lichter, co-author, director of the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University
  • Jody Baumgartner, co-author and professor of political science at East Carolina University

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