Symphony Musicians Bach-N-Roll The Plaza

Mar 20, 2017

Downtown San Antonio can be overwhelmingly loud sometimes. Then you round a corner...and everything changes.

(Hit Listen to hear the musicians play. )

"Today we are celebrating Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday with Bach on the Plaza."

Violinist Aimee Lopez says it's part of the worldwide Bach in the Subway celebration, but since we don't have a subway,  about 15 San Antonio Symphony musicians and students played Monday morning on Main Plaza.

Bob Gleason and his friend Paul Reece had heard about it and walked over.

"We live about two blocks from here in a condo. When we see these things come up we try and participate. They do a good job for us in town, that's something we appreciate, is the Symphony and the work they do."

Mickey Macadaan liked it so much he took pictures 'til his camera battery died.

"I hope San Antonio has more of this. More of this and less of the crash/bang music that we usually associate with the city here. This is very uplifting."

The music had a group of two men and one woman's rapt attention.

Gaby Cardenas and her friends were visiting from Monterrey, Mexico.

"I just wanna say that music has no language. Music gets to your heart. I wanna cry!" she laughed. "It's really beautiful."

All too soon I had to move on. But like the rest, my day had been made.