Texas Democrats Don't Expect Any Platform Shakeups At State Convention

Jun 26, 2014

Credit Texas Democratic Party

The Texas Democratic Party’s 2014 state convention starts today and party officials say they are not expecting any major divisions in the party or surprises concerning the party’s platform.

Communication Director Manny Garcia said the conversations they have had with party delegates haven’t been about making any major changes to the party’s platform, just some tweaking.

“Certainly the conversations leading up to it thus far has been about updating the material, making sure it fully captures where we stand, but not any necessary any huge factions or divisions in between us," Garcia said.

Garcia referenced some of the planks added and taken away from the Texas GOP platform, which was solidified earlier this month. What he predicts will be on the Democrats platform is similar to the previous platform.

“You’re going to continue commitment to public education, continued commitment to health care,"Garcia said. "We were the first state party to embrace marriage equality and we’re going to continue to see that embrace for diversity expand."

Garcia said he expects to also see continued support for comprehensive immigration reform and DREAMers. Garcia said generally what will occur is the existing planks of the party platform will be updated with new data language that is adaptable to the 2014 political conversation. 

He said their convention will be about reaffirming party beliefs and voters getting to know candidates on the Democratic ticket.