Texas Medical Association Opens Affordable Care Act Help Site

Sep 25, 2013

A poll put out by the Kaiser Health Group shows doctors are the most trusted source for information about the Affordable Care Act for Americans, but that’s not where people are getting their information.

The state’s leading medical association has a new educational website related the federal health exchange to help provide more information called "Hey, Doc."

The Texas Medical Association’s Dr. Stephen Brotherton said they wanted a place where people could go that is primarily geared towards patients, but also a place that doctors could go to get information that applies to them.

He said a common conversation between patients and their doctors has been about the federal healthcare marketplace and many times doctors don’t have the answers to questions.

"I think having another resource is a good thing, a lot of what people will gain from the 'Hey, Doc' site is just how you get to your navigator," he said.

Starting Oct. 1 Texans will be able to compare different health plans similar to travel sites like Expedia does for travel packages.