Textbook Reviewers Target Evolution And Climate Change In Biology Books

Sep 10, 2013

The Texas Freedom Network say book review teams for the State Board of Education are pressuring publishing companies to change how climate change and evolution are presented in next year’s biology textbooks.

The SBOE set up several groups to review different textbooks and this week their comments and suggested changes have been made public.

Texas Freedom Network's Executive Director Kathy Miller said they suspected that the review teams would go after evolution and climate change.

"What our kids learn in the public school should be based on mainstream established science and should be about getting them ready for college and jobs of the 21st century, not on pushing some political over-religious ideological agenda," Miller said.

Miller said many of these critiques come from leading members of the intelligent design and anti-climate change movement and were handpicked by SBOE  members who share their views.

"We once again have culture warriors on the state board appointing the ideologues that put Texas at risk of becoming a national laughing stock on science education," Miller said.

The State Board of Education will review all the critiques for these publishing companies and hear public comment on the issue Sept. 17-19.