TPR Announces the Winner of the Artist-Designed T-Shirt Contest

Mar 13, 2013

Design by Z Wright Selected from Hundreds of Submissions

Texas Public Radio (TPR) is proud to announce the winner in the 2013 Artist-Designed T-Shirt Contest. The initiative generated more than 100 amazing submissions from all ages and locations in the TPR broadcast area. TPR is gratified that so many local artists were inspired by the initiative. "We were overwhelmed by the response," said Texas Public Radio's Vice President, Wayne Coble. "This terrific show of creativity helps demonstrate that TPR is integrated into the arts community in San Antonio."

Congratulations to Z Wright, the artist who submitted the winning design. The TPR Selection Committee appreciated Wright’s clean lines and clever incorporation of what he called the “Three icons of Texas: 1) Our beautiful Texas farm roads and highways, 2) the state bird of Texas, the Mockingbird… and 3) Texas Public Radio.”

Wright has been involved with several high-profile San Antonio projects over the years, including Fiesta and trains for Fiesta gowns, murals in the old Hertzberg Circus Museum and illustrations for the San Antonio Zoo. Wright comments, “I was delighted when TPR issued a public call for art this year. I must share any credit for this design with my dear friend, Carol Harris. We had fun for a week or so discussing this design and it was Carol who suggested red earbuds (which subsequently morphed into the red ‘Beatz’). I drew; she directed - and I have the text messages to prove it.”

To view the design, click the related story below.