This Week in the Civil War - 440

Nov 14, 2012

On Saturday, November 15, 1862, Confederate President Jefferson Davis accepted the resignation of his third Secretary of War, George W. Randolph.

Randolph abruptly submitted his resignation for the same reason as four other Confederate secretaries of war; he felt that Davis was too actively intervening in the operations of the war department.

Randolph improved the department’s procurement procedures and authored a national conscription law.  Best known for his strengthening the Confederacy's western and southern defenses, Randolph unfortunately feuded with Jefferson Davis over this strategy.

However, Randolph was also suffering with tuberculosis, and his declining health forced his resignation.  After temporarily abandoning the South in 1864 for exile in England and France, Randolph returned to Virginia in 1866.  He would succumb to tuberculosis in March of 1867.