Where The Water Comes From

Mar 15, 2013

Removing one Cedar tree from your property can keep 40 gallons of water in the ground per day; that's 14,600 gallons per year of a resource that is becoming less and less available as much of the state continues to be in drought conditions.  This statistic was read off by Dr. Tom Arsuffi at the March 8th meeting of the Texas Water Symposium entitled Texas Springs: Making Connections between Groundwater, Surface Water, Science and Stewardship at the Llano Field Campus of Texas Tech University in Junction, Texas. 

The meeting brought together landowners, scientists, and advocates for conservation to talk about Land Stewardship practices that were working and increasing the flow of water.  

The Presentation Consists of: 

  • Dr. Tom Arsuffi from Texas Tech
  • Edwards County Judge Souli Shanklin, Moderator and landowner
  • David Langford, Tom Vandivier and Ruthie Russell spoke on Stewarship Practices
  • Dr. Robert Mace from the Texas Water Development Board