Youth Orchestras Of San Antonio Looking To Do Más For Area Kids

Sep 25, 2013

The Youth Orchestras of San Antonio YOSA have created a new program that could change young peoples’ lives. Music director Troy Peters characterizes their general purpose this way.

"YOSA is devoted to changes kids’ lives through music and we do that primarily through opportunities to play in large musical ensembles," Peters says.

The new program is called YOSA Más and allows young people of lesser means to join the orchestra despite not having the money needed. The program is being handled through the Edgewood School District.

"We are at the Edgewood Fine Arts Academy three days a week after school for an hour and a half each day, working with fourth graders from all over the Edgewood District," Peters says. "They get instruments, they get instruction three days a week, and the hope is this gives them the opportunity not only to become good musicians, but to acquire the skills to help them become better students, and better, more successful citizens."

Peters says there are many student success stories, but did pick out one as a prime example:

"So we have a young lady named Courtney Cannon, for example, who, over the last for years, through YOSA’s work in Roosevelt had the chance to receive underwritten private lessons, scholarships to participate in YOSA," Peters says. "Now after several years of work she’s in the first year of work, she’s in her freshman year at North Texas, studying music on a music scholarship."