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Fronteras is a collaborative regional news project that explores the changing culture and demographics of the American Southwest. From Central Texas to Southern California, and from Las Vegas to the Mexican border, Fronteras brings emphasis to Latino and Native American life and border issues affecting American politics, social order, economics and the environmental landscape.

Stella Chavez / KERA

Governors Ban Resettling Syrian Refugees

After the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and a few dozen other Republican governors say they’re banning Syrian refugees from resettling in their states.  

The call to block Syrian refugees is being questioned. Some experts don't believe the governors' have the legal authority to do it. More from Houston Public Media's Syeeda Hasan. 


Dallas English Learners Score Well On Nation’s Report Card

In Dallas, public schools have a high percentage of students who are learning English and are economically disadvantaged.  Given these challenges, school officials might not have expected these students to do well taking tests for the Nation's Report Card.  But, in fact, they outscored other districts in reading and math.

Lorne Matalon / Marfa Public Radio

No Cleanup Plan Yet For Albuquerque Dry Cleaning Spill        

A few weeks ago we told you about a problem with the groundwater in Albuquerque, New Mexico —a big problem.  A plume of poisonous dry cleaning chemicals is flowing underneath ​two neighborhoods, just north of downtown.

Nicholas McVicker / KPBS

This week on Fronteras:  

--Mayors of five Texas border towns say safety is not an issue and state border security funds should help secure border business. 

--In New Mexico, the practice of charging co-pays for health care in jail is under scrutiny because it encourages some prisoners to skip medical treatment. 

--San Diego residents want to shut down the first ever U.S.-Mexico wind farm. One reason?  Its effect on wildlife. 

--A North Texas student who's short on height faces tall odds to make his high school varsity  basketball team.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler is among those calling on Texas state leaders to drop a lawsuit over President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration.