Tim Mattox doesn’t want to live in Austin, but soon he might not have a choice. Mattox has lived in the River Place neighborhood for 19 years. It’s a community of about 1,100 homes just northwest of the city near Lake Austin. In December, Mattox’s neighborhood is scheduled to be annexed by the city.

Ryan Poppe

On Tuesday, Gov. Greg Abbott announced he was calling lawmakers back to the state capitol for a special session to accomplish 20 legislative priorities that were left unfinished during the regular session.  

Texas Senate

Republican State Sen. Donna Campbell of New Braunfels is angry a filibuster killed her annexation bill as the legislative session came to a close.  Campbell is calling on Gov. Greg Abbott to revive the annexation legislative in a special session.

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State Sen. Jose Menendez of San Antonio filibustered for more than two hours Sunday night to kill legislation that would have required a vote by property owners before they could be annexed into a city.

Ryan E. Poppe

This weekend state lawmakers have a packed calendar as they race to decide bills before the end of the session on May 29.

  One bill they’re scheduled to debate would allow residents to vote on whether they want to be annexed by a city.  The City of San Antonio is lobbying hard to kill the bill.  Some area homeowners are working just as hard to make sure it passes.