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Rates of meningitis are at historic lows in the United States. Still, adolescents and college students are at particular risk for the potentially deadly brain infection. In today’s TPR Lifeline, Bioscience-Medicine reporter Wendy Rigby talks to the Medical Director for the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District, Dr. Junda Woo, about vaccines available for protection against this killer.


Antibiotics are supposed to make people better. Now, though, a Texas doctor has documented more evidence of a risk the Food and Drug Administration highlighted in a recent warning. He’s concerned about one class of antibiotics that can increase the risk of tendon ruptures.

Wendy Rigby / Texas Public Radio

Food trend watchers say one of the fastest growing markets in 2017 is grab and go healthy food. A company that started in Austin and has expanded to two other states is capitalizing on the increasing demand for convenient, good tasting food that’s good for you. 

Wendy Rigby / Texas Public Radio

According to the group Food Allergy Research and Education, almost 6 million American children have some sort of food allergy. It can be stressful and frustrating to keep children away from foods that can trigger problems. Some parents are embracing an emerging therapy that’s designed to create food tolerance.

Dr. Alec Stall / Children's Hospital of San Antonio

An estimated 6 million people in the U-S suffer from scoliosis. The curved spine condition used to put people at risk for devastating side effects. But modern medicine is taming this disease. In today’s TPR Lifeline, Bioscience-Medicine reporter Wendy Rigby talked to pediatric orthopedic surgeon Dr. Alec Stall of the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio about this common health problem.