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From Texas Standard.

In 1941, Texas folklorist J. Frank Dobie published The Longhorns, the definitive book on the quintessential Lone Star State livestock. Dobie was unsparing in his description of the breed, calling them bony, thin-flanked, some even grotesquely narrow-hipped, but also uniquely suited for the Texas terrain. They were built for survival, not show, which makes them quite different from their modern relatives.

Cattle Theft Still A Modern-Day Problem In Texas

Oct 29, 2015

From the Texas Tribune: When Larry Gray's rangers send out an all-points bulletin, they generally don't know much about the height and weight of the suspects they're after. But they can describe what was stolen, detailing cattle brands on heifers and estimated weights of steers.


Texas cattlemen are speaking out against the World Health Organization for its report comparing beef hot dogs to cigarettes and listing red meat as a probable link to colorectal cancer.  Larmine Adams is with the Texas and Southwest Cattle Raisers Association.  He said reports like this one, in the past, have hurt the cattle industry and driven down beef prices.

The drought finally broke for Texas ranchers late last year. The range and pasturelands on which cattle graze began to recover. Then came the spring. In Cameron, about 140 miles northwest of Houston, the rain began falling at the start of May — and didn't stop all month.