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The Source - January 13, 2015
12:38 pm
Tue January 13, 2015

The Source: Where Are City And Public Safety Unions On Contract?

Credit Ryan Loyd / TPR News

Last January, the City of San Antonio began negotiations with public safety unions to renew their contract.

The city's goal was to reduce the expenditure on health care and pension benefits that are significantly higher than other public employee packages.

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The Source - December 12, 2015
1:13 pm
Mon January 12, 2015

The Source: Is San Antonio Rudderless In The Post-Castro Age?

Credit White House

Few would deny that former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro was a charismatic and dynamic leader. It was those attributes that allowed him to turn a nearly-unpaid city mayor job, at $3,000 a year, into the cabinet of the most powerful man on the planet, as U.S. Secretary of housing and urban development. 

But as San Antonio reevaluates everything from transportation and public safety, to conservation and urban transformation, has the city seen a slow down or even an outright reversal of the vision for the city?

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The Source - November 20, 2014
11:04 am
Thu November 20, 2014

The Source: Mayoral Race Appears With Van de Putte

Credit Texas Public Radio

Last night State Senator Leticia Van de Putte announced her candidacy for San Antonio mayor. Van de Putte's entrance comes after an unsuccessful run for Lieutenant Governor earlier this month. The move made her the second declared candidate for mayor with former State Representative Mike Villarreal. 

Both candidates have been active in San Antonio politics for years and their entrance into the field may convince current city council members. 

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The Source - November 19, 2014
11:53 am
Wed November 19, 2014

The Source: Trading In Solar Power For A Hawaiian King

Lanny Sinkin stands between former San Antonio Mayors Julian Castro (left) and Henry Cisneros (right)
Credit Solar San Antonio

Lanny Sinkin's time at Solar San Antonio, and in San Antonio all together, is coming to an end. From 2009 onward, Sinkin has been running the solar advocacy nonprofit his father started 15 years ago. His return to San Antonio from Hawaii was precipitated by his mother Faye passing away. His father, community organizer, William Sinkin, passed away this year.

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The Source - November 17, 2014
1:57 pm
Mon November 17, 2014

The Source: City Proposes Big Annexation

Credit City of San Antonio / cc

San Antonio could become the fifth largest city by population in the country by 2020 if they annex five key Bexar county areas. The proposal was made last Wednesday by John Dugan, the head of the Department of Planning and Community Development to city council.

Currently seventh in the country with 1.3 million residents the proposal would add 66 sq. miles and about 200,000 people. In less than 10 years the city would be around 1.7 millions according to city estimates. The annexation would represent the biggest addition to the city in nearly 20 years

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The Source - November 11, 2014
11:03 am
Tue November 11, 2014

The Source: City Lawsuit Against Police And Fire Seeks To Throw Out Contract

Credit Ryan Loyd / TPR News

The City of San Antonio's negotiations with Police and Fire unions over benefits packages have now entered the courtroom.

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The Source - September 29, 2014
1:17 pm
Mon September 29, 2014

The Source: Future Still Uncertain For City And County Library Collaboration

Credit Eileen Pace / TPR News

The city of San Antonio wants Bexar county to start paying its fair share of the San Antonio Public Library's bills. As San Antonio Public Library director spelled out on our program late last month, 19 percent of the public library system users are non-city residents who live in the county, so the county should pick up 19 percent of the tab, basically doubling Bexar's contribution from around $3.8 million to 6.3 million.

Judge Nelson Wolff thinks that isn't going to work. 

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11:55 am
Tue September 23, 2014

Letter Calls For Fire Union President Chris Steele To Step Down

A strongly-worded letter sent to all firefighters in San Antonio calling for fire union president Chris Steele to step down may signal mounting frustration within the ranks of the San Antonio Fire Department. 

The letter was sent to fire stations across the city nearly two weeks ago. But in an apparent attempt to let San Antonio residents know about the internal feelings toward Steele and his management of issues like public safety health benefits, which are currently being negotiated, the unsigned letter was sent to media outlets this week.

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The Source - September 15, 2014
4:45 pm
Mon September 15, 2014

The Source: Sculley's Role Under New Mayor

Credit Ryan Loyd / TPR News

Big changes at city hall mean different priorities, different personalities and different roles.

While there was a comfortable collaboration between Mayors Phil Hardberger and Julian Castro, what does the dynamic look like now for City Manager Sheryl Sculley?

There have been changes in course on major projects like streetcar and Mayor Ivy Taylor went around the City's negotiating team to restart talks with public safety unions.

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The Source - August 7, 2014
6:56 pm
Wed August 6, 2014

The Source: City Says No Streetcar Vote In 2014

Credit Ryan Loyd / TPR News

Streetcar opposition did not have enough signatures to force a vote on a charter amendment this November, according to San Antonio's City Clerk, Leticia Vacek. The decision mirrors the legal opinion given by City Attorney Robbie Greenblum.

Greenblum's opinion was to disqualify more than 7,000 names from pages without circulator signatures, which is the signature of the person explaining and soliciting the petition. 


  • Ryan Loyd, TPR's city hall reporter
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