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The Georgetown University Chamber Singers are turning back the clock 300 years, bringing centuries-old Baroque covers back to life, and back to the villages of South America where these covers were performed. Jesuit missionaries taught the music, which was composed in Europe, to the indigenous people of South America. This kind of cover is called “Mission Baroque,” and the only repository of this music has been found in Bolivia. WAMU’s Lauren Landau has the story.

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Youth Orchestras of San Antonio's next  performance has an interesting premise. I spoke to Music Director Troy Peters, who explains it.

"This Sunday May 1 we're going to be previewing YOSA's European tour, and we're especially excited to be featuring a YOSA Alumna, Jennifer Berg, who's a remarkable oboist, who also plays with the San Antonio Symphony."

Berg thinks the oboe stands alone in its sound, a sound that helps it cut through the other players' sounds.

Fort Worth Opera’s JFK gets its world premiere Saturday. It recounts President Kennedy’s last night on earth, which many may not know was in Fort Worth. The opera blends other forgotten facts with fantasy in a story that some are calling the most anticipated new opera of the American season.

San Antonio Symphony

Fiesta is transforming the city right now, and it's even transforming what the San Antonio Symphony is up to.   That's because the San Antonio Symphony has a decidedly different sound every spring.

"Fiesta Pops is our annual event during Fiesta."

Akiko Fujimoto will be conducting the Symphony, and she says this performance will feature several sing-alongs.

"The whole point is that we want to involve the audience," she says. 

San Antonio Symphony

Musicians and management of the San Antonio Symphony took an unusual step recently to correct a budgetary shortfall. The cuts are part of the symphony's strategy for becoming financially stable. 

David Gross is the President of the San Antonio Symphony, and he says the problem isn't a new one. The deficit has been growing since 2008. Fundraising, ticket sales and grants just haven't paid the bills and Gross says he asked everyone involved to help find a solution.