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When was the last time you went to Blockbuster? Or looked something up in an encyclopedia? 

The way we consume entertainment and information has changed dramatically in recent years. Established entertainment companies have been crushed the past 20 years because of these changes. 


Fortunes are won and lost over who can best ride the digital wave. Catching the right wave means having the right data. Companies more than ever are using big data to make decisions - Netflix produces shows based on reams of digital data they take off their customers.


After life in the military, the college life and schedule might look pretty easy to a veteran. The reality, it turns out, is far more complex.

The transition from military to civilian student is one with cultures so different that it can leave many veterans feeling like they aren't where they should be.

A new book of essays from the University of Texas San Antonio student veterans entitled "Adapt and Overcome" sheds light on the sticking points, hard changes, and remedies of that transition.


All across Latin America and here in the U.S. the Latino population is graying. Here in Texas it doubled between 2000 and 2014. While the aging coincides with the expected baby-boomer generation and therefore a buildup in services in the U.S., across Mexico, where the elderly population nearly doubled, the institutions are not prepared for the impacts to social services and the economy.