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Texas is making its mark on swine dining.

Acornseekers, a farm just west of Flatonia, is home to nearly 700 pure ibérico pigs – a black-hooved breed from a Spanish bloodline that can be traced back to before Roman times. Famous for their acorn-centric diet, the purebred ibérico pigs are responsible for the pork delicacy jamón ibérico.

In 1974, McDonald's set its sights on opening a new franchise in Manhattan's Upper East Side at the corner of Lexington Avenue and 66th Street. This location wouldn't be anything like the ketchup and mustard colored buildings in the suburbs. It would be tasteful and blend in with the townhouses surrounding it. Regardless of aesthetics, Upper East Siders were having none of it.

Americans ate 2 billion pounds of avocados last year. The majority of the green fruit comes from Mexico, and about 10 percent is grown in California. But researchers in California's Central Valley are breeding avocado trees they hope will grow well in the state's main agricultural region.

Ezra David Romero (@ezraromero) of Valley Public Radio reports.


A restaurant called Pujol in Mexico City is arguably the country’s best. The man behind it all is chef Enrique Olvera, who’s been called one of the best chefs on Earth.

Here & Now‘s Jeremy Hobson makes a visit to Pujol, and speaks with Olvera (@enriqueolvera) about the traditions of Mexican cuisine.

On a sunny morning in Guadalupe Victoria, near the Guatemalan border in the state of Chiapas, Mexico, Hilda Pastor is washing corn in her backyard sink to make tortillas. It's a daily ritual that starts the night before.

"I mix dried kernels, water and a spoonful of cal" — that's calcium hydroxide or slaked lime, "and it soaks overnight," says Pastor, a 48-year-old mother of three.