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Over 2,200 minors in the care of Texas' foster care system reside in Harris County – the area most affected by Hurricane Harvey. As a result, 1,200 children were forced to relocate, according to the Texas Department of Family and Protective services.  

From Texas Standard:

Texas Standard spoke with Kaysie Taccetta of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services about the new "community-based model" for foster care in the state. One service provider in North Texas is already working within the model. The Standard paid the group a visit. Listen to that part of the story below.

On Sept. 1, hundreds of new laws took effect in Texas. A number were aimed at improving the state's child welfare system. Failure to do so was not an option.

Governor Greg Abbott signed several foster care reform bills on May 31 aimed at providing more money and resources for families and caregivers. TPR's Louisa Jonas takes a look at challenges that need to be addressed.

Abbott Signs Bills Aimed At Addressing Crisis In Child Welfare System

May 31, 2017
Bob Daemmrich / The Texas Tribune

Gov. Greg Abbott signed four child welfare bills into law on Wednesday, measures that aim to recalibrate how the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services works with endangered children across the state. 

Texas House Passes Child Welfare Reforms

May 19, 2017

The Texas House on Thursday passed a package of sweeping measures aimed at addressing a crisis in the state's child welfare system.

After a lengthy debate, the House passed Senate Bill 11, a measure that would have Texas shift to a "community-based care" model for handling some endangered children and allowing contracted organizations — not just the resources-strapped state — to monitor children in foster care and adoptive homes.