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Nearly 5 months ago, the city asked Google Fiber to stop building a network of telecommunications hubs in San Antonio after complaints surrounding the first one in Haskin Park.  Mayor Ivy Taylor raised concerns about the Google's use of parks and the hut proximity to homes. Subsequently, city staff recommended the relocation of eight huts, nearly half of the planned network. 

Robert Scoble

Mayor Ivy Taylor says when she asked the city to revisit the Google Fiber huts  and their impact on neighborhoods back in January, she didn't want to scare the company off. 

Remember this was just a few months after the company head, Craig Barratt, stepped down, they had stopped nixed expansion into several other cities, and they continued to lose money.

"I'm not on the inside of their business. I don't know what all their concerns are as far as their overall program for rolling it out, so yeah that was a concern."

Now months later, she sees the Haskin Park hut removal and replacement with a smaller infrastructure hub as a positive, because Google Fiber has told her they are going to continue in San Antonio with a smaller tech footprint.

"They continue to look at how they can best roll out the system. It looks like it will be less huts in general, smaller scale huts and shallow trenching techniques," says Taylor.

Robert Scoble

Nearly a month ago, the city of San Antonio halted Google Fiber's construction of their infrastructure huts over complaints over size, location and appearance. 

City of San Antonio TCI

San Antonio City Council members got a few more details Wednesday about delays in building a Google Fiber network. 

The city paused construction after residents complained about the size of the 12-by-30 feet Google “huts,” that house the infrastructure for the project. 


The City of San Antonio has halted the construction of Google Fiber throughout the city. The size of the huts raised questions about impact on the neighborhoods they would be in.

The first Google Fiber hut began construction in July of 2016. These are the network hubs of fiber-optic cable and distribution for the high speed internet provider.  That was several months and many complaints ago.