12:06 pm
Fri December 5, 2014

Is Fracking Linked To Birth Defects?

Chemical warning signs welcome visitors to fracking site in Gonzalez County.
Credit David Martin Davies

A new report released this week adds to the growing evidence that the chemicals associated with fracking and horizontal drilling could be a danger to reproductive health to animals and humans. The study was conducted by the Center for Environmental Health.  Susan C.

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The Source - October 30, 2014
4:52 pm
Thu October 30, 2014

The Source: Overdiagnosing Our Kids

Credit EdTech Stanford School of Medicine

The incidence of overdiagnosing adults is well established in medical literature. Overdiagnosing is the process by which an abnormality is found in a patient, but the knowledge of, the exams to discover and subsequent treatments for the disease have no positive impact on the life of the patient. More often than not it in fact has many negatives. 

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The Salt
4:00 pm
Thu October 16, 2014

Reality Check: To Burn Off A Soda, You'll Have To Run 50 Minutes

Would you think twice about that 20-ounce soda if you were informed that it would take 5 miles of walking — or 50 minutes of running — to burn it off?
Justin Sullivan Getty Images

Originally published on Fri October 17, 2014 8:32 am

As a society, we don't pay much attention to nutrition information when we eat out.

A U.S. Department of Agriculture report estimates just 8 percent of Americans use nutritional information when deciding what to order.

But that could change soon.

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Science & Technology
12:53 pm
Wed October 8, 2014

Blood Bank Debuts New Technology To Help Young Donors

Madison High School student Sarah Williams looks at her veins through new technology at a blood drive on campus.
Crystal Chavez

The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center has a new device to make blood donations easier for young donors, and it looks like it's straight out of "Star Trek." The technology will be used during mobile blood drives at area high schools like Madison High in San Antonio where a recent drive was held.

Sarah Williams, a senior in ROTC at Madison, volunteered for it. Williams says she knows the importance of giving blood.

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Shots - Health News
1:12 pm
Mon September 29, 2014

More Active Play Equals Better Thinking Skills For Kids

Good for bodies and good for brains, the scientists say.

As schools cut down on physical education and recess, kids are spending more time than ever in a desk. And while nerdy second-graders like me didn't ever consider arguing for more gym, there's increasing evidence that being active helps not just children's waistlines but their brains.

"If you consider the anthropology of humankind, we were designed to move," Charles Hillman, a professor of kinesiology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign tells Shots.

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Shots - Health News
12:10 pm
Mon September 29, 2014

What We Don't Know About Heart Disease Can Kill Us


Originally published on Tue September 30, 2014 4:15 pm

Heart disease is the number one killer of people worldwide, so you'd think that we'd be up to speed on the risks. Evidently not, based on a poll of people in the United Kingdom.

Are you smarter than a Brit when it comes to risk factors? Take our quickie quiz and find out:

So are you smarter than a Brit? Here's how the 2,000 people polled by the British Heart Foundation fared:

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Science & Technology
9:36 am
Wed September 10, 2014

Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator 2.0 Uses Emojis To Explain Variables Of Risk

The 2.0 Prostate Risk Calculator was developed at the Cancer Therapy & Research Center at the UT Health Science Center in San Antonio

  In the really old days, they were called pictographs; later they were called emoticons. Now, though, they’re called emojis, a new word originating in Japan for those smiley-face, thumbs-up and I-heart-you icons all over electronic devices. Emojis now include airplanes, jack-o-lanterns, kittens and just about every other animal – or fruit or facial expression – that one can imagine.

So why not use them in medicine?

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The Source - September 9, 2014
11:42 am
Tue September 9, 2014

The Source: Obesity In America, Limited Signs Of Hope

Credit The State Of Obesity 2014 /

We are fat--capital "F" fat. But after years of public health campaigns stressing the importance of exercise, healthy eating and access to healthy foods there are some positives to report.

In fact the authors changed the name of the study after 10 years from "F" is For Fat to The State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America to highlight the limited signs of hope there is for the United States.

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The Source - August 21, 2014
10:47 am
Thu August 21, 2014

The Source: Prescribing Veggies For Wellness

San Antonio Food Bank

The San Antonio Food Bank is launching a new program that aims to better tackle chronic disease through healthy eating. Their plan get doctors to prescribe produce and then the food bank will redeem the prescription regardless of cost.

It's called Pharm2Farm and it launches today.


  • Eric Cooper, president of the San Antonio Food Bank

*This is the second segment in the August 21 edition of The Source, which airs at 3 p.m. on KSTX 89.1 FM. 

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4:44 pm
Tue August 12, 2014

Robin Williams' Death Changing The Conversation About Depression Among Youth

The tragic death of one of the world’s best-loved comedians may serve to change the public conversation about depression. Robin Williams’ suicide has more people talking about taking a greater role in looking out for loved ones that could be suffering.

Everyone seemed to love him, but no one seemed to understand the depth of his depression. From Facebook and Twitter to news website, the actor's death has fueled a new conversation about depression, about sensitivity, about looking for signs among our friends and family.

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