Hemisfair Park


Historic Hemisfair Park has been in the throes of rejuvenation since the master plan for the site of the 1968 World's Fair was approved late last year. 

This Saturday, the first portion of the massive overhaul is scheduled to open. Yanaguana Garden makes up a little over 10 percent of the entire site, which will eventually comprise 37 acres. 

When completed in 2020, Hemisfair will be 50 percent public parkland. 40 percent of the site will be leased to developers by the City of San Antonio for mixed-use buildings. 

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For 5 years, San Antonio has been waiting for an agreed-to land swap to happen between the city and the federal government, the site of the old San Antonio Police Headquarters at 215 E Nueva St. in exchange for the John H. Wood Federal Courthouse on E Cesar Chavez.

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The familiar archway at Hemisfair Park is gone. It was taken down Wednesday morning. While the structure may be iconic, it’s not historic. It was erected in 1988.

Its removal was part of the renovation of the park, said Hemisfair Real Estate Director Omar Gonzalez. He added, “It’s actually going to pave the way for us to run a complete street along East Nueva. So we’re going to restore the historic street grid that existed pre the 1968 World’s Fair.”

The archway may not be gone forever.  Gonzalez said they will store it and look for future site locations to reconstruct it.

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Residents and workers in San Antonio got to be park planners Tuesday at Sunset Station to help shape the future of Hemisfair Park.

With the help of table facilitators, people answered questions from a form designed to give planners an idea of what should be included in the Civic Park, Hemisfair's second and largest future green space.

Mike McGlone walked his table full of people through the brainstorming and idea session. He asked for his table to participate in the process instead of being shy.