Ivy Taylor

Ryan Loyd / TPR News

Last Week, Mayor Ivy Taylor was granted a waiver for any ethics complaints, past or future, over a conflict of interest that existed last year. The conflict, Taylor - as Mayor - was a board member of the San Antonio Housing Authority, while her husband collected housing vouchers from SAHA for low-income tenants.

Ryan Loyd / TPR News

San Antonio council members will consider action Thursday that would absolve Mayor Ivy Taylor from a perceived conflict that arose during her political campaign. 

From Texas Standard:

In 2013, when Ivy Taylor – now the mayor of San Antonio – told council members she would oppose a sweeping non-discrimination ordinance there, the self-described Democrat was roundly criticized by many on the left.

Her response was telling: "I will not sacrifice my core values and beliefs for political gain," she said. "And if that was the expectation for me as a black woman... you've got the wrong sister in this seat."

Ryan Loyd / Texas Public Radio

Mayor Ivy Taylor has been no stranger to big decisions, since she took office there have been dust ups with the public safety contracts, she helped secure Google Fiber, committed money to a rail system connecting the city to its northern neighbors and will oversee the city as it adds the largest tower to its skyline in a generation. 

Mayor Taylor is pushing to bring the San Antonio Missions baseball to a downtown location. How could it impact the area? 

Late last year the city proposed a big annexation, now Mayor Taylor has called for a reevaluation, why the reversal?

San Antonio is expected to make its first financial commitment to building the Lone Star Rail line next week when city council members vote for a budget that includes $500,000 for the project.