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·         The money being spent to secure the U.S.-Mexico border

·         The need for advanced Emergency Medical Technicians in rural border areas

·         How 9-1-1-calls for help are being answered in Santa Fe

·         Students in San Diego and Mexico City work together on videos targeting media violence.

·         SCOTUS ruling protects the rights of non-voters

·         The tornado survivor who lost her home by mistake gains notoriety.

·         A special ceremony celebrating citizenship for kids in San Diego.

Getting Young Latinos To The Voting Booth

Mar 17, 2016

Immigration has been a key topic in this year’s presidential race. And that means a lot to Florida’s growing population of Mexicans and other non-Cuban Latinos. But many still aren’t registered voters. From contributor station WLRN in Miami, Kate Stein reports that activists are making urgent efforts to get Latinos to the polls.

From Texas Standard:

Donald Trump won five counties in Texas on Super Tuesday. Four of those were situated along the border: Hudspeth, Terrell, Zapata, and Webb Counties. That might seem odd given the candidate's stance on immigration and building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Then there's Laredo mayor Pete Saenz who said he wouldn't rule out voting for Trump.

If Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz makes it to the White House, it will be historic — it would mean this country had its first ever Latino president.

Both have a Cuban background, but neither candidate can necessarily count on the support of Latino voters to win. That's because most Latinos in this country lean Democratic, even with no Latino candidate represented in the Democratic field.

Donald Trump boasted that he won the Hispanic vote in Nevada, and in last night’s debate he said that he’s more popular with Hispanics than any of the other Republican candidates are.