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The Source: Live Music in San Antonio

Apr 6, 2015
Credit: Wikicommons http://bit.ly/1FgRJJt

San Antonio's live music scene has grown over the years and writers, promoters, programmers, and venue owners are all working to make that change for the better. 

Bryan Anthony Ramirez

I've been in Austin taking in South By Southwest (SXSW) and looking for San Antonio connections. One of those is Bright Like The Sun,  a 5-man San Antonio band. You can tell by their sound (Hit "Listen" above to hear them) they’re not a standard dance band. I spoke to two of the guitarists, Rob Mochen, and Chris Etheridge. Here’s Chris, then Rob.

"As opposed to verse/chorus, verse chorus, we try to proceed in movements. And generally we like the movements to get bigger and bigger and bigger."

I would like to celebrate the life of Janet Cortez, a ranchera singer whose stage name was La Perla Tapatia. Cortez was member of beloved singing group Las Tesoros de San Antonio. She died Sunday at 83.

I was fortunate enough to see her perform several times in her trademark bolero hat and black and white cape, but what amazed me was her determination to perform despite a life time of health issues -- including throat cancer.

David Martin Davies

Dance halls in danger

Patrick Sparks is the president of Texas Dance Hall Preservation - you can find them online at TexasDanceHall.org. They have information about where the dance halls are and what events are coming up at them.

"It's a kind of magic; people who have never been to a real Texas dance hall go to one, it's a real experience for them. So there's a huge feeling in the state and elsewhere for the halls and how important they are."

Texas dance halls: A radio documentary

Nathan Cone

Shimmering, undulating electric sounds from five musicians swirl about the TPR studios one day in July. But there are no words sung. It’s the local post-rock band Bright Like The Sun, and while their upcoming album will feature limited vocals, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that even for the heretofore instrumental group, their voices will simply be one more instrument in the mix rather than a featured element.